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The Beauty of Dartmoor Ponies.

After looking into the Dartmoor Ponies we found out that Ponies have lived in Dartmoor since prehistoric times. Over the centuries the ponies have been used as a working animal by locals and quarry workers. Dartmoor Ponies are native to Britain, but are also seen in other parts of the world including the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Today the Ponies are mainly used for hunting, trail riding, dressage and driving as well as everyday riding, however going back from the early 1900s they were used by guards in Dartmoor Prison to escort the prisoners which was very surprising to find this out. Dartmoor Ponies are very intelligent breed, with a kind temperament, being gentle, calm and very reliable animal. Check out our new video of Dartmoor Ponies and hit subscribe !

two Dartmoor ponies

A Dartmoor Pony

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Image by Iolo Harris
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