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Milldale to Dovedale

A few weeks ago Sunday morning was a nice morning so LC Wilderness took a stroll around the Peak District on a popular walk from Milldale to Dovedale and did a bit of filming, Luke on the Main Camera, Laura filming B roll and me Tim always on hand to add to the blooper reel. Did not get as much film as we wanted to due to the number of people that were there that day, but what we did get is on YouTube for your viewing pleasure Click here hit that subscribe button, and get notifications for all our adventures. As with all our adventures, there was rain but there were also natural shelters along the route in the form of Caves, here are a few for you to check out on your walk.

The Doveholes

here's a nice spot for a cup of tea and a bite to eat, 1000s of years in the making and carved in limestone, once used as burial grounds, and on occasion, a smugglers den or so I've heard but who knows. only history can tell us what really happened. if you know anything about the Dove Holes and what they were used for let me know in the comments below.

The ——— Cave

Couldn't find a name for this cave, comment below if you know.

But if you are out all day walking and want to take a power nap this is the cave just for you hidden away behind a bridge right on the riverbank

There is one Cave that is a must-see if you are taking this walk, on this occasion, we didn't make it that far so here is a picture of Reynards Cave and is I think the best cave between Milldale and Dovedale

Reynard's Cave

Situated high on the eastern back of the gorge of dovedale and named after a local brigand who used it as a refuse.

Interesting fact it is the first time they found artefacts from 2 Different eras in history tools from the Bronze Age and Roman coins from the Iron Age.

other scientific studies shows evidence that the cave was used by hunters as far back as the Neolithic Era 13000 BCE, if the cave could talk what stories it could tell. So if you find yourself on the walk from Milldale to Dovedale make sure you visit the caves and add your story to the never ending story of the Caves of the River Dove, and Remember Leave no Trace and Stay wild.

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Image by Iolo Harris
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