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From Shire To Moor

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

For the last few years Luke, Lee, and I have been camping in the peak district in Derbyshire at campsites in Edale and Dovedale, and some wild camping in places that will be left unnamed.

it's all about the adventure and there's no better feeling than discovering those perfect pitches for a night under the stars.

check out the youtube channel for our Adventures in the Shire.

and with adventure and discovery in mind, we are leaving our shire and heading to the moors of Dartmoor.

From Shire to Moor.

The upcoming trip to Dartmoor brings the start of new adventures for the LC Wilderness lads. We have often talked of going to Dartmoor and after the better part

of a decade exploring the Peak District,

Dartmoor is on the horizon with open arms

waiting to welcome us and our Adventures.

Luke and Lee will be trying a new setup for sleeping under the Stars and have purchased a Bivvy bag ( Mil-Tec 3-layer waterproof bivvy bag) and Tarp (DD Hammocks XL Tarp- 4.5m x 3m) set up, and me being the

Grandad of the bunch and set in my ways, will be taking my Faithful Tent (Vango Banshee 300).

Watch out for in depths reviews on all products featured on this trip and more

in future Blogs and Videos.

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