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Adventures on The Moors

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

18th June 2021 at 06:00 We left our shire and headed out into the wilderness of the M5 and after a 4.5hr road trip and 1 pitstop we had reached our Destination

carpark for haytor in dartmoor

haytor rocks Dartmoor

1030 we pulled up at the Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre. The first objective the short walk up to Haytor Rocks after gathering a few photos and video footage we set of around the Granite tracks to arrive at Holwell Tor

It was at this point we made a devastating discovery, I had lost my favorite red coat after Luke reviews the days' videos we had a rough idea where it was, enter Lee the hero of the hour who retraces our steps in an attempt to retrieve the Red Shroud of Tim, all the way to haytor Rocks and back again at Double time. After a brief rest, we set off again and headed towards Becka Brook, following the river bank we came across a little oasis a perfect place for a cup of tea and more video and photo opportunities from the fish in the river to the dragonflies in the sky,

Blue dragonfly in Dartmoor

from here we set off looking for a place to pitch for the night we took a Path around Greater Rocks and made our own path to a marker we had on our phone map 30 mins into our path we came across a bog not to wet so we crossed it this was not our best idea of the day, within 10 mins we were down to our ankles 10 mins after that Me and Luke were up to our knees in places and about ready to leave Dartmoor for good heading directly to (THE CAR) After we crossed the bog and headed back into the tree line we came across a clearing where we decided to pitch up and call it a day. I took this opportunity to cook up some dinner for the lads a flame-grilled steak, and a pan-fried pork chop.

Steak and pork camp fire food

Using my latest buy of a firebox and the Coleman firestorm gas stove Watch out for reviews on both cooking setups used on this trip.

The following morning we de-pitched had a brew and set off back to the little oasis we came across the day before for breakfast, and yes we did go around the bog what person in their right mind would cross directly through a wet bog, back at the oasis enjoying our breakfast of bacon and sausage cobs we were greeted by the Dartmoor Ponies

Dartmoor Ponies by the river

And a heard of young cattle who had arrived to drink at the river. After spending most of the morning by the river we set off towards Becka Falls but unfortunately, we never made it mother nature had other ideas forcing us to pitch up and end our day and our adventures on the Moors.

The following morning and out of time we packed up our stuff and headed out into the fog back

To our shire. There is still a lot of places we want to see in Dartmoor so we will be planning further adventures on the moors until then remember to Leave No Trace and Stay Wild

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